Weekend Programme

Elly and Kerry have designed the weekend retreat so that you are provided with a complete holistic experience.

You will arrive on Friday 2nd October (approx 3.30pm) and depart on Sunday 4th October (time t.b.c).

The weekend will consist of outdoor and indoor fitness sessions, yoga sessions and meditation and extra activities (tbc):

Fitness sessions

These sessions will be challenging but there will always be exercise and session alternatives. You will be outdoors for the majority of the sessions and will make use of the fields, running tracks and woodland walks. The sessions will focus on the following areas


  • cardiovascular fitness
  • strength and conditioning
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Core work

Yoga Sessions

Each session will include careful sequencing of postures, dynamic as well as static posture work, with attention to the application of the breath. Some classes may be more strenuous, some more restorative and meditative.

By the end of the retreat people will experience increased body awareness, increased strength and flexibility, a deepening of the breath, mental clarity and emotional balance.