Woodland Retreat

So after being away from our blog for a couple of months we are back and back with a brand new venue for our October fitness and yoga retreat.

Myself and Kerry stumbled across this stunning venue and we are so glad that we did!


The retreat is nestled in a valley in the heart of Carmarthenshire. The Nant Bargoed runs around the retreats borders and there is not a sound to be heard apart from the birds and faint ripple of the river.


What drew us most to this place was the fact that we can use it as a green gym and get back to nature. By using the terrain available we can provide some amazing fitness sessions for all our retreat guests. Yoga sessions will take place in the light and airy studio and outdoors in the mowed areas of the meadow and on the decking which has the most amazing views.


The retreat is a small holding run by two of the loveliest and friendliest ladies. They have restored the buildings on the property retaining their character but with their own twist. The detail in the buildings and the landscaping is what makes this place extra special.


The Barn is at the heart of the retreat. It dates back to 1850 and has been lovingly restored. There is a quaint cottage and the bunkhouse which looks onto the meadow and woodlands.


You really could be anywhere in the world being at the retreat and that is why we have fallen in love with it. Surrounded by nature in the peace and tranquility of this beautiful location. Myself and Kerry cannot wait to welcome you on our October fitness and yoga retreat.


For more information please get in touch via eandkretreats@gmail.com or take a look at the rest of our website.

Elly x



I spent the weekend back down at Stackpole, exploring new routes for all our lovely retreat guests.


Not only will we be using Broadhaven South beach as we did back in January but we will be utilising the fantastic trails that surround the lilly ponds. We are going to include far more runs (for those who like running) and hikes so that you get to explore this amazing part of Pembrokeshire!

10980717_597287363748197_1443289002124848873_n (1)

Our trails, hikes and runs will take in Bosherston, Stackpole, Stackpole Quay and Barafundle. With milder weather (fingers crossed) we will be able to really enjoy the stunning surroundings and work up an appetite for our delicious new menu!

sweet potato

For more information on our march retreat please get in touch via the contacts page or find us on facebook and stay up to date with all the exciting news!

Elly xx

January Retreat 2015

It was a cold, crisp but sunny weekend for our very first yoga and fitness retreat at the beautiful Stackpole Centre.

Stackpole Centre

Jan 2015 Broadhaven
Jan 2015 Broadhaven

Once everybody had arrived on the Friday afternoon we settled down with cups of Pukka Teas to introduce ourselves to the group. It turns out that many of our retreat guests have led very interesting lives (Charlie Boormans bike!!!!). After a lovely dinner of vegetable hotpot we set out on a moonlit walk towards Stackpole Quay. There is no better place to see the stars, Stackpole has one awards for it’s clear nights due to the very low level of light pollution. We ended our Friday with yoga Nidra and then it was time for bed.

Saturday saw a 7.00am start with a run down to the stunning Broadhaven Beach and a beach bootcamp.

Jan 2015 bridge push-ups

Jan 2015 dune running

After a very physcial start to the day we all needed a good breakfast. Luckily for us we had been provided by some stunning produce from Rude Health. Granolas, muesli’s oats and milks.



During the morning our retreats guests took part in power yoga, more beach bootcamps and of course copious amounts of tea! Lunch was winter warming soup with a selection of vegan rolls and salads.


After some chill out time we stepped things up a notch and performed a high intensity interval training session, lots of squats, burpees and push-ups. Dinner was moussaka and roasted veg followed by baked apples with berry compote!! We finished off the day with core and ab work and another relaxing yoga Nidra session.

Another 7.00 am start on our last day. We all headed down to the beach and got very sandy performing lots of dune sprints, topped off with a beach yoga session. We warmed up with soup at lunch and then finished off the afternoon with a nutrition seminar hosted by our registered dietician.

IMG_6467 IMG_6506

Myself and Kerry could not have asked for a more wonderful group of ladies to share our inaugural retreat with. You really did make the weekend extra special for us and we hope that you all went away feeling energised and refreshed.

If you would like more information on our March retreat then please get in touch via eandkretreats@gmail.com or find us on Facebook

Elly xx

What are you waiting for?

Resolutions are often made but very rarely stuck to. I think we can all say that we have made resolutions, stuck to them for a few weeks and then they have just fizzled out. Don’t wait till the New Year to make a change. Start that change now!

tis the season to be awesome

Time will go past whether you workout or not, the days will still tick by whether your are eating well or not. Make that time count by putting your new habits into practice.

I know that it can be hard throughout the festive season to stick to training and eating plans but if you can do it throughout Christmas then the rest of the year will be no problem at all.


If you start now by the time January comes around you will be well into the swing of your new training and eating plans. You won’t have any excess Christmas weight to lose and you will healthier and happier. Think about how much closer to your goals you will be by starting pre 2015.

You have one month to finish the book of 2014. Make the last chapter a perfect one!

you have one month

Elly x


Power in numbers

Sometimes the thought of having to exercise by yourself can be a danting and off putting thought. It can also mean that we talk ourselves out of going to classes or for a run. This is where working out in a group can really boost your motivation and adherance.


Working out in a group with like minded people who all have the same goals as you is a fantastic way to exercise. Group workouts instill a sense of team work and adhearnce to your workouts. Having to work as part of team will mean that you will push yourself that little bit harder, more so than working out by yourself.

Group workouts also provide you with instant support and encouragement and are fun!!

beach bootcamp

Leaning on each other for support can help pave a smoother road for a fitter and healthier chapter of your life.

Our retreats are based on group workouts. We want you to have fun, support and encourage each other just as we are here to support and encourage you.

Elly xx


Ever wondered why going on a retreat with Elly & Kerry is good for your body, mind and soul..?

Making time in your busy and stressful life to come on retreat with us is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. If you spend your days running from one thing to the next then our retreat can be the perfect opportunity for you to restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.


Booking with us is an investment in your health and here are just a few reasons why…

  • We have an abundance of energy and love what we do, so there will be no shortage of yoga or fitness classes to attend.
  • You can expect well thought out meals that are not only organic and nutritious but also delicious.
  • We will be based in a beautiful and remote part of Pembrokeshire, allowing you the opportunity for some time offline without any distractions.
  • We will help kick start your new year by boosting your confidence and motivation in achieving your health and fitness goals.
  • You can completely relax in a peaceful atmosphere that will no doubt reduce your stress levels.
  • Whether you are going by yourself, with a friend, or with your family, being surrounded by other like-minded people is sure to invigorate you.


If this sounds just what you need then don’t hesitate – we’ve only 2 spaces left for our January retreat…

For further information please contacts us at:


Or visit our website at:


Rude Health

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day and even more important when you need fuel to keep you going through an active fitness and yoga weekend. So with that in mind we contacted a fantastic company, Rude Health who have supplied us with their amazing products!


Rude Health are a small but outspoken company who believe in standing up for real, honest food. Clean ingredients,  no artificial ingredients, no refined sugars and non-GM ingredients.  All their ingredients are sourced from vines, orchards and fields, not from laboratories.

Our Rude Health breakfast feast will consist of Almond and Brown Rice Milks, Granola, Muesli and Cereals.  These breakfast products are not only made with fab natural ingredients but most of them are also gluten free, wheat free, nut free, diary free and refined sugar free, result!

the ultimate granolarude health corn thins vegan alternative stores-500x500

As an extra treat we have Corn Thins and Beetroot Bars for your goody bags! For someone who isn’t a huge beetroot lover the Beetroot Bar was extremely tasty! I actually had to stop myself from consuming the entire box !!


From myself, Kerry and the Rude Health team “eat right, stay brilliant!”




Why I love fitness

This post could go on for pages but I shall try and keep it brief. There are  so many reasons as to why I love fitness but here are just a few.

I suppose the main reason is the sense of achievement that I get from reaching a goal. There was nothing more satisfying that the crossing the finish line of my very first half marathon who competing in my first ultra marathon. I can’t describe the feeling of accomplishment that I have felt when taking part in events and it becomes slightly addictive (in a good way).

With my running buddies Stew and Tommy. Day 1 of our 3 day ultra
With my running buddies Stew and Tommy. Day 1 of our 3 day ultra.

I love fitness because it makes me feel strong. Knowing that I can walk into a gym and lift heavier than a lot of the guys is a huge confidence booster. Being strong has lead to increased confidence and a new found sense of independence. It has also given me new goals to reach toward, hopefully competing in a body fitness competitions next May.

because strong is beutiful

Fitness also provides me with a channel for relieving stress. I find I can get rid of the days troubles with a good gym session or a run out in the fresh air. It is time for myself, head phones in and focus on nothing else than the task in hand. It has structured my life when I have needed it the most and it provided me with a reason to take better care of myself.


Fitness means something different to everyone but for me it is a way of life and I love it!



Go Organic – healing the body inside and out…

It seems that increasing numbers of us are concerned with the chemicals we put in and on our bodies. With this in mind we have teamed up with Ritec Valley Organics and Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies to make sure you leave our retreat feeling completely cleansed, refreshed and recharged.

A ‘New You’ to start the ‘New Year’


I first became concerned with what I exposed my body to when I fell pregnant with my first child & when making choices about what products to buy, it felt as though I needed a PhD in Chemistry. If you want to buy organic then the UK Soil Association is the largest certified body. Whilst I find it difficult to go completely organic, I do try to buy as much as I can for myself and my growing family & I just love the veggies from Ritec Valley Organics and delicious smelling health and beauty products from Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies.

 Healing from the inside:

Did you know organically grown vegetables contain more beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants..? Ritec Valley Organics have been Organically certified by the Soil Association since 1999 and grow vegetables in their 100 acre farm near Tenby, in Pembrokeshire. We can’t wait to satisfy your appetite with some fresh, local, seasonal vegetables.


Healing from the outside:

Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies are the Worlds first health & beauty company to get 100% for ethics in The Ethical Company Organisation’s & the Uk’s first and largest Soil Association certified organic health and beauty company. Their eco-principles have set them apart from any other health and beauty provider as they believe in safe cosmetics and for that reason have banned the use of any nasty products. We’ve got our hands on some skin care samples for your goody bags – just so you can have a little pamper after a hard day in the great outdoors….

Neals Yard-resized

An adventure to Broadhaven South

Today we spent the afternoon planning some of the outdoor sessions that will feature on the retreat.  From the Stackpole Centre you follow the path along the lakes…

Walk to Broadhaven
Walk to Broadhaven

This is a great track for our runs and hikes!

Through the woodlands, past swans, herons and ducks. As you run further along the trail you can hear the faint sound of the sea.

Which way to the beach?
Which way to the beach?

There it is , Broadhaven South. A beautiful beach with hidden caves and stunning views! Perfect for yoga and beach fitness sessions!

Braodhaven South
Braodhaven South

The picture really doesn’t do this hill justice (it was steep!) Dune running here we come!

Dune running
Dune running

Elly and Kerry X