Power in numbers

Sometimes the thought of having to exercise by yourself can be a danting and off putting thought. It can also mean that we talk ourselves out of going to classes or for a run. This is where working out in a group can really boost your motivation and adherance.


Working out in a group with like minded people who all have the same goals as you is a fantastic way to exercise. Group workouts instill a sense of team work and adhearnce to your workouts. Having to work as part of team will mean that you will push yourself that little bit harder, more so than working out by yourself.

Group workouts also provide you with instant support and encouragement and are fun!!

beach bootcamp

Leaning on each other for support can help pave a smoother road for a fitter and healthier chapter of your life.

Our retreats are based on group workouts. We want you to have fun, support and encourage each other just as we are here to support and encourage you.

Elly xx



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