Why I love fitness

This post could go on for pages but I shall try and keep it brief. There are  so many reasons as to why I love fitness but here are just a few.

I suppose the main reason is the sense of achievement that I get from reaching a goal. There was nothing more satisfying that the crossing the finish line of my very first half marathon who competing in my first ultra marathon. I can’t describe the feeling of accomplishment that I have felt when taking part in events and it becomes slightly addictive (in a good way).

With my running buddies Stew and Tommy. Day 1 of our 3 day ultra
With my running buddies Stew and Tommy. Day 1 of our 3 day ultra.

I love fitness because it makes me feel strong. Knowing that I can walk into a gym and lift heavier than a lot of the guys is a huge confidence booster. Being strong has lead to increased confidence and a new found sense of independence. It has also given me new goals to reach toward, hopefully competing in a body fitness competitions next May.

because strong is beutiful

Fitness also provides me with a channel for relieving stress. I find I can get rid of the days troubles with a good gym session or a run out in the fresh air. It is time for myself, head phones in and focus on nothing else than the task in hand. It has structured my life when I have needed it the most and it provided me with a reason to take better care of myself.


Fitness means something different to everyone but for me it is a way of life and I love it!




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